In our school you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the sea…


Windsurfing classes.
Forget falling from the board over and over and pulling heavy sails out of the water. With our top-quality and latest equipment and our help you will be gliding with the surf-board in no time. Both children and adults will begin this sport with the minimum effort.  With your eagerness you will soon discover it is a lot easier than it looks.

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Paddle Surf excursions.
Discover how to glide fast and safely. Explore landscapes which are otherwise unreachable. The peace and  silence broken only by the sound of the oar entering the water guarantee a charming experience in which the level of effort is entirely in your hands. Our SUP boards are extremely difficult to overturn and easy to get into once in the water. Nevertheless life-jackets and walkie-talkies are mandatory. Furthermore we keep visual contact with our students at all times.

Paddle Surf SUP

A 2 hour course in which you will learn to propel yourself in the water with an oar following Polynesian tradition and now also resurrected into a form of surf by Hawaiian riders. As an overall workout reap the physical benefits of training your body, balance and spirit. The first level (1h) of the course takes place in flat, smooth water with the second level (1h) providing an introduction into wave riding skills


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